Online Hearing Test and Audiogram Printout

Featuring this hearing test on your website

Before, audiologists believed that producing an audiogram online was impossible.

My website shows how this can be done by means of a clever calibration trick. I do claim the intellectual property related to the hand rubbing calibration idea, which first appeared on in July 2012, as some hearing care companies already downloaded the source code from this page unscrupulously, uploaded my audio files to their servers, and have the test running on their website using the exact same trick, without any reference to our website, and - of course - without asking for permission.

On the other hand, many others kindly requested access to our test files and protocol, acknowledging the uniqueness and the usefulness of our original hand rubbing calibration procedure, and the value behind our high-dynamic range calibrated audio files.

Running this test on your own hearing-related website is possible. We will gladly share our custom audio files with you and assist you in implementing this test, upon request. We can work on variants of this test too, or make it hardware specific.

To make it a fair deal between us, we will ask for a link from your test page to this website - this link can be rather small and non-obtrusive - and to become a sponsor.

Sponsors pay an annual licensing fee, set according to their own discretion, to reflect the added value of implementing the test on their website. In exchange, we deliver files, support, a back link from our main page, and traffic from users looking for hearing solutions in their home countries.

If interested, please contact me at stephane 'at' hearingtest 'dot' online.

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